Professional Workshop

Several workshops for service, engines and racing can be found in our technical area.
Specifically trained staff take care of motor-revision and –adjustment, chassis-adaption and service tasks in this area.


- We are Desmosedeci Service Point
- We are the only certified Ducati dealer to take up the challenge of IDM Superbike
- Dario Guisepetti win a IDM-Superbike-Run on a Hertrampf-Ducati
- Most successful Ducati team in IDM Superbike Challenge
- VeeTwo Service Point
- For more than 10 years we are ratad as " Oehins Technology Center"
- Our technicians regularly take part in each offered training course
- Ducatisti trust our work all over Europe
- and more...

  Workshop - Service

Insight in our workshop area, where most oft he service work is done.
Also smaller conversions that take less than a day,are realized in our service area.

That’s where each motor treatment starts and ends. Central for injection changes and advance characteristics as well as fault diagnostics.
This separated check room allows tests independently from the shop. Three huge cooling aggregates and the 30 KW Ram Air Blower enable a simulation under driving conditions. Real-time mixture-sensing, state-of-the-art
hard- and software and additional features guarantee results at the highest level.
Suspension Technology

„Öhlins Technology and Service Center we are equipped with a huge variety of speciality tools,   handling of different forks and buffers are possible. Whether Öhlins, Showa, Kayaba, Paioli, Marzocci, White-Power, Wilbers or Sachs we are able to serve you with any modifications and service tasks.
Engine Valve Timing

A huge variety of measuring instruments is required to manage valve timing of different motor conceptions. A work spot in engine room No. 1 is perfectly equipped for these Highest cleanliness, clarity meet calibrated measuring instruments in here.
  Workshop Engine 2

One of two engine rooms is shown here.
This one is especially equipped to work on Japanese motors. This is justified in the necessity of different tools for either Japanese
or European engines. One engine room for European, one for Japanese

Some more impressions of our working space....

 Workshop- Service  Workshop-Racing  Workshop-Chassis  Workshop- Engine 1 

Future and Orientation
Right now several areas are about to be extended. In the workshop-service area we operate 4 hydraulic lifts
and the racing area is about to be expanded to 3 working benches. In workshop engine 1, extended to 50 squaremetrers, will be more capacity for engine treatment. Screw and milling machines as well as the part-cleaning area will have more available space.
The application of a new measuring room is planned for 2010, where injection-control-system,  suspension-tests and further research and diagnostic tools will be installed. So, there’s a lot to do …